two months

by Y

it has been two months since i last wrote here, oh how fast time flies

school started and life is pretty good so far

there were ups and downs, but i do appreciate every lessons that i have learned

it is ironic how on the previous post, i was addressing how much i love my father

yet something happened last week which completely changed how i feel about him and his family

i mean, i do still love him very much, but the feelings have changed


i mean, how would anyone react to an news that their father tried to kill himself and doesn’t want to live anymore?

i was so shocked and speechless.

and now i am kind of angered at them, for being so cruel to me, for revealing those ugly truths to me

if you really sees me as a part of your family, or as someone you love

would you keep saying those hurtful truths to me? do you know how much pain i felt?

so now i have been hurt to an extent that i dont care anymore, because it is just too much for me to handle and i dont want to handle those things anymore

regardless of how miserable and painful your life is, i still got my own life

and no one is going to take happiness away from me

so i wont listen to you anymore