5 missed calls

by Y

from dad

I was very sad initially when he said he does not care about me anymore and tell me to not come back home

But emotion is always a temporary thing, people will eventually be through with it and move on

So I guess no matter what happens to you, just…never give up?

Because you will always be okay in the end

There are many things one can enjoy, such as listening to a good song, let the fresh wind breeze away your troubles, or just drink a cup of tasty coffee

So many things you can do, so many ways for you to be happy, so please don’t choose the worst one’

Somehow I can express myself better with words instead of speaking, this is really weird because I don’t really put too much considerations when I write, but my ideas comes more fluent and naturally than speaking.

It is just like how I am very comfortable with myself in China, with my friends, but in a strange place I just want to hide myself away from the world.

I need to calm my soul and find my inner peace.