an update for…myself?

by Y

so one more week to go for the two computer science courses, much thanks to Christian’s help was I able to survive through Java programming.

I got the opportunity to participate in two Ad project for Integer, which is exciting!  It is kind of funny too, because when I was sorting the internship database for my workstudy job, I saw the company Integer and wondered…isn’t this word used in programming?

I am a little nervous though, I know I should chill out, because everyone likes people who are comfortable with themselves.  I should be comfortable with myself, and if I am not, then i should find the problems and fix them.

I will do a great job, because they’ve chosen me, they know that I can do this, and I can.

I also watched 热血高校, a very good movie filled with passion and young blood.  I wish I was that passionate when in high school, but I wasn’t very involved, although I’d love to…Because now, I feel like missing a big part of the most precious time of my life, although I went to high school, but I didn’t left much memories for remembrance.

Oh, and I no longer give much care about fashion design art those cool things or whatever, if I want to create art, I can draw at anytime, I shouldn’t limit my abilities.  I should believe that art is a gift that was given to me upon birth, I should never question whether I am talented or not.

good good